“子“ is my middle name. I have always liked the meaning and form
Of this Chinese character.
 “子“ in Chinese means a child, and it also means the continuation
of life. I take this brand as my own child and will grow up and grow stronger with it.
 The brand name is derived from the pinyin of “子“.
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zii active品牌故事

Spring 2020, a group of designers who have been preparing for a long time and created a fashion sports brand in this textile wonderland.

Taiwan is known as the Silicon Valley of Textiles. 70% of the world's R & D functional fabrics come from Taiwan. We have the most powerful R & D fabrics to back up.

The delicate and flexible rush weaving process was an important economic industry in early Taiwan, and it once supported an important source of income for families.

Each hand-weaving has spent the love of hand-workers and repeated numerous attempts, and also gives each pattern a unique hand-feel and temperature.

zii active使用了台灣最優質的功能性紡織品,與細膩的傳統手工編織工藝結合,創造出體貼現代都會女性獨特品味的穿搭新選擇.
zii active uses the highest quality functional textiles from Taiwan, combined with delicate traditional hand-weaving processes, to create a new choice of wear that considers the unique taste of modern urban women.

While we love traditional exquisite craftsmanship, we are also a group of modern metropolis women who are passionate about fashion, and we are enjoy with the comfort and convenience brought by technological fabrics. We advocate environmental protection demands of a friendly environment and adhere to the source and process of raw materials.

Buy well, use well. I hope more people will experience it together.